My Trade Journal

Gonna write down my trade plans progress results


Jan.4 My Trade Journal Entry

I was extremely tired because i was up early in the morning trading and tried to stay up in order to go to the office and drop of some paperwork . I wound up being to tired to function come trade time and placed a beautiful analysis trade , and actually a live position a little bit later but got out too early ({Fear}) , or more accurately the fear of making a loss while i was sleeping …I didn’t get in with great footing so I was not as confident, which was another problem. I wound up exiting out the positions that had money on the line for small or like 17pips of loss … went to sleep and then woke up to the analysis trade still running had gone into 440 pips of profit >>>F.U.C.K>  ::: Lessons Learned :: (1)Cant be a sleepy dog, another words i must be prepared because now that i am trading live i must be on point … (2) Cant get exited about profit and loss, “just trade” because whatever, i gain i will be risking again the next day (3) My trading life and outside life   have to both be up to par because the effect each other