My Trading Reflections 2022/ 2023 (MLK)

Jan . 15 2023

Trading or shall I say really trading , a live account and live money started with a about 5,000 USD after a tax Refund check has so far proven to be a very interesting learning experience… because the longer it is taken me to become profitable or more accurately to trade at least 1mini lot on my 6 to 7 prong USd positions that I usually trade …. the more my life situATION has changed from mounting Bills and debts and issuses due to Driving or better yet found asleep in the car while tring to uber for the funds in which to trade , I now find my self in a situation of being at my mothers house (SHE is the #1 hater of my trading) , and a nagging foreign wife and 2 children ( small and very entergetic ) that stay bouncing around and dont let dad be on the computer more than a few minutes before interruption ,,, For most would be hell on aaspiring trader not to mention trying to trade Los Angeles PST hours , HOWEVER THE DREAM CONTINUES, MLK Had a Dream … BUt I have a DReam and thats To be a wealthy specualtor of the forex markets ,

Marcel Alexander Royal 1/15/2023

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