+675 pips Up on 6Prong USD Trade * Really Diamonds Trade *

March 28 2016 / /  The “”Really~Diamonds Trade””

March 28/29  .: Really~Diamonds Trade :. 21:1  Risk to Reward 6prong USD

Took my positions just before 12:00am and when to go meet with a client.  A night of good food , corona beers and good convo with fellow A.B.C Member Charlie James, I made an excellent speech on being a risk taker and its importance in relationships all while showing off my jewelry… “someone hollered boy dem diamonds is kicking, I said because there really diamonds {Kevin gates voice} and the room erupted into laughter”.: Got in around 4:32am to see my pips running into the 200+ range … decided upon re analysis that i should let my profits keep running … when to sleep and closed out positions at 2pm. at a whopping +675 profit 😀

Lesson Notes :: These pips were possible because i let my profit run …. went to sleep and still let my profit run … not going overboard and getting greedy but if its a profitable position ride it out

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