The Joker teaches a lesson in being indifferent to money

The Joker from the Series Batman :: Shows his grotesque indifference to money by burning it. An estimated 6,328,000,000 USD when it comes to the height and width of the palets  and saying that “its not about the money its about making a statement” …..

WoW, just imagine seeing that in real life

The best part is then seeing him double cross this crime partner and kill him thus taking is money , his soldiers , and his life.

Talk about keeping a birds eye view and having vision . . .

If  the Joker had the desire to trade the Forex Markets ., he would make one hell of a trader  because its about more than the money with him its a zero sum game  (winners/losers). He is not only ambitious enough to get the stake money by criminal enterprising , insane enough to take the risk all while being grossly indifferent to the reward,  but also has a bigger goal than adding zeros to his bank account he wants to take over all of gotham

a very monumental task , considering that gotham has the most egotistically genius completely psychopathic criminals ever

SO THE JOKER LESSON :: Nothing Matters Because Everything Burns

Here is the clip from the movie Dark Knight listed below

You can watch the full movie of dark knight for free in the movies area 🙂

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Forex Fire Blog is Born

Nov,19 2015 and it is finally official ,  The Forex Fire Trading Blog is here

Some would say that it should have been here lonnnnnnggggg time ago , some are surprised how quick it happened. no matter what side of the fence you are on FOREXFIREBLOG.COM is here 😀